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Beijing New Science

Beijing New Science

Beijing New Science Co., Ltd. (“Beijing New Science”) was established in Shenzhen municipality on November 1, 2002, formerly known as China Pearl River Building Materials Co., Ltd. With the approval of China National Building Materials Group (“CNBM”), Beijing New Science was co-established by China Jushi (Shanghai stock exchange code 600176) and Beijing New Building Materials (Shenzhen stock exchange code 000786) with a registered capital of 90 million yuan. The company operates in multiple business segments including industry investment, new building materials integration, domestic and foreign trade, and warehousing and logistics. It is also the honorary president of Shenzhen Building Materials Industry Association.

Over the past 34 years, Beijing New Science has set up, independently or jointly, 27 building materials subsidiaries in Shenzhen. The businesses of these subsidiaries include:

- Industrial investment: being the first to launch various projects on hollow glass, special cement, hollow blocks, decorative veneers, mica plates, aluminum platinum, ultrasonic pile testing, 4.1-meter large diameter distribution pipelines and other projects;

- Import and export trade: being the first to develop China's domestic pumice to replace imported pumice for domestic and export sales, creating a new industrial chain for China's building materials sector and producing great social and economic benefits;

- New materials integration: it is a material supplier for such well-known projects as Shenzhen Yantian airport, Hong Kong airport, Macao Venetian Hotel, etc.

Beijing New Science also serves the Hong Kong and Macao markets by following international standards. It is the vanguard of CNBM engaging in international competition in Hong Kong and Macao. The company has a sound integrated service system, and has established itself as a strong and reliable enterprise in the regional market. While being the largest businesses in Shenzhen building materials industry, the company also maintains extensive cooperation with the market players in the United States and Southeast Asia.